Sunday, August 21, 2016

Joyland by Stephen King Review


College student Devin Jones took the summer job at Joyland hoping to forget the girl who broke his heart. But he wound up facing something far more terrible: the legacy of a vicious murder, the fate of a dying child, and dark truths about life—and what comes after—that would change his world forever. 

A riveting story about love and loss, about growing up and growing old—and about those who don't get to do either because death comes for them before their time—Joyland is Stephen King at the peak of his storytelling powers. With all of the emotional impact of King masterpieces such as The Green Mile and The Shawshank RedemptionJoyland is at once a mystery, a horror story, and a bittersweet coming-of-age novel, one that will leave even the most hard-boiled reader profoundly moved.

Rating: ★★★★☆


OMG! I have just finished reading Joyland and I honestly feel like crying. My emotions are all over the place, I love this book so much. I did not want it to end, I was so attached to Devin, to Annie, to Mike, Tom, Erin, Eddie, Devin's father; I fell in love with every single character. 

Everything felt so real and at certain point I felt like walking along side Devin, as though I was a character in Joyland, I could see the Carolina Spin and dance with Howie and listen to the screams that were coming from The Horror House. 

This book was exceptional, the characters were so real and relatable. the writing style was so amazing and catchy, I just couldn't put this book down whenever I started reading it, I just wanted to know what will happen and how it will end.

Joyland was full of nostalgic and sweet and funny moments that made the read even more agreeable. I found myself smiling and laughing and getting teary eyes at several occasions. It was not predictable for me and I didn't suspect that the killer would be that person it was a shock.

This book is perfect, it will forever be one of my favorite books ever, up to this point I can't believe that the story is over, I just want to read more about Devin's life. I think I would have enjoyed this book more (if that's even possible) if I have read it in English and not in French.

My review is all over the place but that's exactly how my feelings and emotions are. Tell me in the comments below if you have read Joyland and if so tell me what do you think of it?

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