Monday, June 27, 2016

Lipstick Shades To Try This Summer

Hello Darlings,

Today I would like to give you a list of lipstick shades that you need to try this summer.

1. Nude:

You could never go wrong with a nude lipstick. It's perfect for an easy everyday look or for a night out where you can combine it with smokey eyes. 
However when it comes to nudes, you should choose a color that's similar to your skin tone.

2. Bright Pink:
Brights are the trends of the summer and in my opinion bright pink is a shade every women should own. 
But to pull off this color, you should try and keep the rest of your makeup simple.

3. Red:

This is a shade that every women needs to have in her purse. Red lipsticks are perfect for all the seasons. They are classics that you could never go wrong with. 
The shades vary from light to dark ones. 

4. Berry or Plum:
A lot of people think that this shade is better for colder seasons, however you could always get away with wearing it in the summer for a night out. Pair it up with sleeveless denim jacket and you could perfect the bad-ass look.

5. Orange:
If you are bored of using the red lipstick, orange is the perfect shade to try this summer. Orange is a fun color to brighten up your summer look. 
This shade works for all skin tones.

Tell me in the comments below what is your favorite out of these lipstick shades.

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