Monday, July 11, 2016

Ten Shirtdress Outfits

Hello Darlings, 
We all know that Shirtdresses are the trend right now. In my opinion they are perfect for the summer with how comfortable they are and how easy you could wear them. They are very casual and airy, they don't stick to your skin which make them great for the warmer days. 
You could either dress them up or down, they would make a perfect beach outfit or you could even wear them for a night out, it's up to you. 
Tell me in the comments below which of the following is your favorite shirtdress outfit?

Outfit N.1

Outfit N.2

Outfit N.3

Outfit N.4

Outfit N.5

Outfit N.6

Outfit N.7

Outfit N.8

Outfit N.9

Outfit N.10

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